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How to earn as Advertising Sales Representative

Advertising Sales Representative Business :

Start-up cost for Advertising Sales Representative : 1,50,000 Inr. and up
Potential earnings : Rs. 3 Lakh – Rs. 5 Lakh.
Typical fees : Commission-only is standard and ranges from 5 to 25
Advertising : Direct mail, small ads or classifieds in trade journals,
Qualifications : Experience with an advertising agency or as a periodical
sales rep
Equipment needed : Basic office equipment, business cards, letterhead,
envelopes, laptop computer, cell phone (with or without
hands-free accessories)
Staff required : No
Hidden costs : Expect high phone bills and mileage expenses

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What You Do as Advertising Sales Representative :
This business must be built on extensive experience in the field. Your expertise lies
in matching the need to the availability. If you know how, you can sell advertising
space in all publications to the advertisers who need it. Your job is to find a buyer
at a good price that might never have discovered this advertising venue unaided.
You’ll need contacts and experience to make a success of this enterprise, but room
exists for the independent rep and many earn Rs. 6 Lakhs or more. Much depends
on the type of publication for which you’re selling ad space; for instance, if you’re selling ads in a trade journal or well-known national publication, your income will
be quite high. However, if you’re selling ads for a community newspaper, your
income may reach its peak at Rs. 2 Lakhs.

What You Need to start Advertising Sales Representative business :

The telephone is your major tool, and you may discover a great need for a cell
phone, particularly one with hands-free accessories (a necessity while driving
in some states). You’ll need access to reference books listing periodicals, rates,
and dates.
Keys to Success as Advertising Sales Representative :
If you love selling, this is selling in its purest form. No limitations bind you to one
focus, one time, or one perspective. Businesses need to advertise, and finding space
for their commercial messages can be a real challenge. Your services are the perfect
answer to their needs. Businesses’ penchant for doing the same things the same old
ways will be your biggest hindrance to getting new customers. Established agencies
are your competitors, and you will need to market your services vigorously.
Your best bet is to find a few really good “anchor” customers who will advertise
on a long-term contract, then go after the smaller fish.



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