Start Apartment Preparation Service business | Rascalworld

Start Apartment Preparation Service business | Rascalworld

Steps to start Apartment Preparation Service business

Start-up cost for Apartment Preparation Service : 30000 Inr

Potential earnings : 1,20,000–3,00,000 Inr

Typical fees : 3000 Inr and up per apartment

Advertising : Yellow Pages, direct contact with apartment owners,
banner ads at Web sites such as or

Qualifications : Knowledge of cleaning procedures and painting skills

Equipment needed : Cleaning supplies, sweeper, mops, buckets, painting
equipment, cell phone

Staff required : No

Hidden costs : Insurance, equipment maintenance

What You Do to start Apartment Preparation Service :
You add the finishing touches to apartment buildings before the next tenant moves
in. To increase your marketability, off er several services, including carpet cleaning,
wall washing, painting, wallpaper repair, and overall cleaning services. Set fee
schedules appropriately depending on individual services (or off er an all-inclusive
package price). Advertise your services to many apartment complexes. To cut
down on driving, try to get a contract with a multiunit apartment complex that
offers short-term lease options.

What You Need for Apartment Preparation Service business :
Invest in good-quality cleaning equipment, including a sweeper and carpet cleaner.
Start-up costs can be as low or as high as you want, depending on what services
you are going to off er and the quality of equipment you purchase. Th is business
can be started for a relatively low cost with high return on investment. Keep a cell
phone with you so that you can easily respond to your next customer.

Keys to Success in Apartment Preparation Service :
This business is not for someone who is afraid of using good, hard elbow grease.
Be prepared to encounter some messy situations. An apartment preparer might
spend quite a bit of time on their hands and knees cleaning baseboards and floors.
Consider the health of your back and always wear a back brace. In addition, invest
in a good pair of knee pads and rubber gloves.

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