How to start Auctioneer Business | Small business ideas

How to start Auctioneer Business | Small business ideas

How to start Auctioneer Business and make Good money :

Start-up cost to start Auctioneer business : 5000 – 1,000 Inr
Potential earnings : 25,000 – 1,50,000 Inr
Typical fees : Flat fee of 1500 – 3000 Inr , plus 3–5 percent of sales
Advertising : Advertising in specialty publications (art/antiques, cars,
farm equipment/livestock), business cards at each event,
networking, your own Web site with links to auction
Qualifications : A good, strong voice and the ability to stay on top of rapidfire bidding
Equipment needed : A gavel and a megaphone
Staff required : One person
Hidden costs : Travel expenses (be sure to build those into your upfront fee)

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What You Do to start Auctioneer business :
Going once, going twice . . . SOLD to the buyers in your audience when you
are an auctioneer! You will likely learn the business from another experienced
auctioneer, who will teach you the ins and outs of facilitating deals and bargains
with large groups of people. Whether you choose to specialize in auto, farm equipment,
livestock, or fine arts and antiques, you will always be in the center of all the
action when it comes to auctioning off items of interest to others. You will have to
speak quickly and stay on top of the highest bidders at all times, so you’ll need to
have an extra-sharp mind with a good memory. Conflict-resolution skills may be
necessary at times, especially when there is disagreement over who bid what and
when. Hire a decent backup person to act as a witness and to help keep track of
where the bids stand at each moment of the bidding process. Remember—you can
auction everything from bric-a-brac to your home online!

What You Need to start Auctioneer business :
You really don’t need much more than dependable transportation, a gavel (600 –
900 Inr), and a good megaphone (2000 Inr maximum). Sometimes you’ll be auctioning
in places where microphones will be provided, but you can never be sure so you
should always bring a megaphone with you.

Keys to Success for  Auctioneer business :
Once you become a visible fixture at local auctions, you will find that the business
comes to you more easily. In the beginning, you might partner with a more
experienced auctioneer or even one who is retiring, so that you can serve as standing
when he or she cannot personally attend auctions. Soon you’ll start building
a name for yourself—riding the coattails of the pro you’re replacing. That is a
bargain at any price!

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