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How to earn as Arts Festival Promoter

How to earn as Arts Festival Promoter

Start-up cost as Arts Festival Promoter : 15,000 – 50,000 Inr
Potential earnings : 2,00,000 – 4,50,000 Inr
Typical fees : 40 percent of registration fees from artists and, in most
cases, a commission from each ticket sold (typically 3–5
Advertising : Networking, ads in artists’ newsletters and publications,
direct mail to artists, newspaper/billboard ads for the
event itself, a promotional Web site that includes a “Call for
Artists” and a volunteer sign-up area
Qualifications : Strong organizational and event-planning skills
Equipment needed : Cell phone (with or without hands-free accessories),
computer with desktop publishing software, laser printer
Staff required : No, but local volunteers are often needed
Hidden costs : Insurance and low attendance due to poor advertising or
inclement weather; try to have a backup plan for each event.

What You Do as Arts Festival Promoter :
Annual arts festivals abound in nearly every community, and you could cash in on
the public’s interest in the arts by sponsoring or promoting your own group of arts
festivals. Give your events a flashy name so that you can win instant recognition
with your buying public and among artists (who get barraged with requests to
appear in shows all over the country). You’ll need to promote your festivals two
ways: fi rst, to artists who might like to participate; second, to folks who might like
to attend. Your advertising budget must be split to reach both. Set your festivals
apart by inviting only particular types of artists/craftsmen. You can also set them
apart by attaching your festivals to some sort of theme, such as an Oktoberfest arts festival. Th at way, you’ve set an annual time for the show to be expected to recur.
You can build your mailing list for the following year by requiring everyone to sign
in (or, better yet, by off ering a drawing for an exquisite work of art).

What You Need as Arts Festival Promoter :
You’ll need 1,5000 – 50,000 to launch this interesting and artistic enterprise. This
seed money will primarily cover your computer and printer costs and a little advertising
until you have one or two shows under your belt. Once you’ve established
your business, you could have annual repeat business in certain areas and begin to
make more than 4,50,000 per year doing something you truly enjoy.

Keys to Success as Arts Festival Promoter :
You love the arts and know that others like artsy events. So what’s the downside?
Th e only real negative is that sometimes the weather rains on your parade of artists.
You could avoid such mishaps if you hold all of your events indoors. Even
though it may raise your space rental cost, the payoff might be worth it. Or, you
could secure some tents and charge each artist a small rental fee so that you’re

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