Start Automotive detailing business | Business ideas

Start Automotive detailing business | Business ideas

How to Start Automotive detailing business

Start-up cost to Start Automotive detailing business : Inr 50,000 – Inr 1,00,000
Potential earnings : Inr 30,000–Inr 60,000
Typical fees : Inr 1000 – Inr 5000 per job
Advertising : Newspapers, automotive publications, body shops,
networking with dealers, regional coupon books (off er 10
percent off or one free service after five visits, and so on)
Qualifications : A flair for the artistic
Equipment needed : Cleaning equipment such as polish, rags, brushes,
toothbrushes, cotton swabs; equipment such as airbrush,
paint, sealer
Staff required : No
Hidden costs : Larger building as business grows

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What You Do to Start Automotive detailing business :
Automotive detailing can be done anywhere and at your convenience. A relatively
low initial investment will start you on your way. Although the number of auto
detailers has grown significantly, you can remain competitive by creating a smart
marketing plan, providing superior service, offering lower prices, and exhibiting
sound management skills. Continually look for ways to provide services that your
competition has overlooked.

What You Need to Start Automotive detailing business :
Aside from the cost of basic cleaning equipment, an airbrush and related art supplies
will start at Inr 25000 . It may be necessary to consider the location of your
business. You may need to buy a small garage or shed in which to work.

Keys to Success for Automotive detailing business :
If you have dreamed of working at your own pace and during the hours you
choose, automotive detailing can be a rewarding occupation. Individuals with
artistic flair and an appreciation for well-kept automobiles are always in demand
as many automobile dealers continue to farm out their detail work. Creativity is
the key to keeping the competition at bay. Consider a mobile detail shop as your
business van to allow on-site work, saving you and your customers valuable time.
Your work is different everyday, so what’s not to like?

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