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How to start Automotive Maintenance Business

How to start Automotive Maintenance Business

Start-up cost to start Automotive Maintenance Business : Inr.2,000 – Inr.5,000
Potential earnings : Inr.2,50,000 – Inr.5,00,000
Typical fees : Inr.250 and up per hour you spend on a job, plus part costs
Advertising : Newspaper, radio, billboards, neighborhood flyers, direct
mail, location, electronic mailing lists for car enthusiasts, a
Web site with car care tips or photos of your best work
Qualifications: Certified Automobile Mechanic, knowledge of
environmental and governmental regulations
Equipment needed : Automotive repair tools, inventory of wipers, motor oil,
garage space (rented or owned), a computer for researching
parts availability as well as for doing some self-promotion
Staff required : No
Hidden costs : Inventory, insurance, ongoing advertising

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What You Do to start Automotive Maintenance Business :
Indians value our autos very highly, and we want excellent care for them. An
auto maintenance service can be a wonderful way to reach this large group of
customers, most of whom are keeping their cars years longer than they did in the
past. You can focus your business just on maintenance and leave the complicated
computer diagnosis and repairs and the big parts inventory to the dealers and
garages. You’ll have a limited, repeated set of procedures to follow, and you can
build a loyal clientele if you keep people’s cars running well and do it in a way that
is convenient for their drivers.

What You Need to start Automotive Maintenance Business :
Costs will be fairly high to equip your business, unless you can buy a set of tools
from another business for a reasonable sum. It will take some expensive marketing
to launch your enterprise, and you will need to keep a certain level of advertising
going throughout each year. If you are good, word of mouth could get you at least
Inr. 2,50,000 the first year.

Keys to Success to start Automotive Maintenance Business :
So, what makes you think you can compete with Car Care? The answer, of
course, is personal service. You’re not just a well-trained teenager in a clean uniform,
you’re an experienced, well-organized, customer-oriented maintenance
person. You’re the answer to the dreams of the little old lady who relies on her
car for safe travel; of the incredibly busy executive who demands rapid, accurate
service; and of the car nuts who drop in and want to “talk cars” with someone else
who cares about them as much as they do. As long as there are cars, there will
always be work for people who know how to fix them.

EXPERT ADVICE to start Automotive Maintenance Business :

What sets your business apart from others like it ?
Paul Taylor, owner of a Midas Muffler franchise in Lawrence, New York,
says his business is set apart because it’s run by him. “I believe in the highest standards
of equipment and service, and my customers know that about me.”

Things you couldn’t do without ;
“It really depends on the types of services you’re providing. If it’s just a
muffler shop, you’ll only need an air compressor, cutting torches, a MIG welder,
and lifts; you’ll need more equipment if you start adding brake services and other
automotive repair services.” Taylor says he couldn’t do without multi line phones,
an answering machine, fax, and printer in his office.

Marketing tips for Automotive Maintenance Business :
“As an independent, you’ll need to do more guerrilla-type marketing,
going after wholesale work within a trade as a subcontractor for body shops or
transmission services. If you’re in a franchise operation, you should be getting all
the marketing and technical support they can off er; after all, that’s really the only
reason for buying into a franchise.”

If you had to do it all over again . . .
“I think I’ve done all the right things.”

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